Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Digital Nations 2030

On Monday the 19th of February, the year 7&8 extension group went to Cordis hotel in the big city.
We went there to experience an event called, digital nations 2030. We went into the crystal room (it
wasn’t actually made out of crystals) and got introduced to a whole bunch of people from omg tech and code
avengers they had a little talk with us and then sent us off.

The first thing I did was makey makey with food. There was peaches a banana and chocolates. I have to
admit I ate one or two of the chocolates but nothing else. I then moved on to robots which was really
easy because i’d done it before. Then I moved onto the code avengers puzzle quiz thingy. I spun the
wheel and then got a chocolate.

Overall I learnt that robots are really annoying and have to have everything perfect. I learnt that you can
do makey makey with fruit and food products and I learnt that numbers in code can make letters on a

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