Tuesday, 15 May 2018

The Page

Walt: Express creativity through the form of writing.
One sunny day a man was reading his most favorite book on his most favorite bench. The book was called Mr Tandy’s Adventures. When he got to page 37 he felt very happy, but when he went to turn the page the most unbelievable thing happened the page wouldn’t turn and yet he’d turned it all those other times before. He pulled at the page and he pulled at it some more, he put the book down on the bench placed his feet on either side on the book and pulled with all of his might but the page just would not move. He called some people over to help him move the page over, they pulled and pulled and pulled but the page just would not move. They decided to call the fire department and they attached a hook to the page but it just would not move. They called up some carvers and they brought their hammers and chisels and tried to carve the page unstuck but the page would not move then the man who owned the book started to scream and he screamed and screamed and screamed until he woke up from a dream he looked at his bedside table and there was the book he skipped to page 37 and he hesitated before turning the page to his favorite picture of a dog riding a horse and a man chasing the horse. He smiled and then fell into a deep dreamless sleep.
Task Description: For this task I made a new doc and then searched my mind for ideas and i came up with a few different ones and then this beautiful idea popped up so I started writing. i had to highlight the simple complex and compound sentences. I did the simple ones in yellow the compound in green and the complex in light blue  Then i posted it onto my blog with a high standard.

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