Thursday, 22 September 2016

Lisa and the Outcast

“Quick come with me” said Lisa “ The hunters are coming you will be safe with us.” Lisa was taking an outcast to their home. “ Excuse me lady where are you taking me” said the outcast. “ My name is Lisa and I am taking you to Hollowood and John they are my friends, and they will be at the great oak tree any questions, oh nevermind we’re here.” Lisa Told John that the outcast can use Oracle’s bed. When it was time to go to bed Lisa, gave him her vine mat. Just incase the tiger fur tickles him. Lisa had a lot of questions for him but he had more.

In the morning Lisa and the outcast woke at the same time. “ What’s your name outcast?” Said Lisa. “ my name is James, James Smith. What’s your name?” Said the Outcast. “My name is Lisa I told you. Where do you come from” said Lisa “and why are you an outcast?” There were so many but Lisa found out  the most important ones what his name was and where he came from. When Hollowood and John woke up they saw James and then remembered that he was an outcast like the rest of them.

“Lisa what is his name” said Hollowood. “His name is James and he broke a law of his town.” Said Lisa. “My town law is that I can not marry someone who is already married but I had sang to a lady called Hueka and I was not allowed to. She loved me and I loved her. But she was married to a man that she also loved but not as much as me. Then one day she ran away with me and because of that I got banished to this complicated place.” Said James “ She told me that she would come for me but when she did i was being hunted and she was being dragged back by her own husband. The next thing you know i’m with Lisa”. That lunch time Lisa was showing James how it happened around there and how they survived.

The next day Oracle came and met James at first James’ short curly black hair stood on end and then when Oracle said “Hi mother how are you doing” and hugged her James almost fainted. “Hello my name is Oracle what happened to you?” Said Oracle. When he found out. He said “all of my relatives will meet you at the feast here put this on.” Oracle handed him a loincloth made of the leaves and vines of the acacia tree. That night Oracle had to say a prayer for the man it was about the journey he had come to live up with. That night james couldn’t sleep there was a talking tiger, a talking tree and a girl with superpowers he had to go to the jungle and climb the acacia tree. So that he could sing the song his mother used to sing to him he was very sad a nightmare apeared in his sleep that night but he knew there was always tomorrow.

The next day he woke up late having a sleep in and when he saw Oracle he gave him a big hug and thanked him for the loincloth. “ Where’s your mother Oracle” said James, “ She’s at the lake, you want to see her” he replied  “yeah and I might have a swim myself.” Then he turned to the lake and then started to make a vine swing they had heaps of fun that day when it was a hunting day the 2 hunters asked James to go with them and watch when they got to the hunting ground they had an eye for a puma, they got the sleeping males of the family oracle was lighting a fire and then started to get the stones ready. “ Hey mum we have some left over tarantula. Should we keep it for food or give it to the ocelot cousins and puma cousins.” As soon as Oracle said that, they decided not to have the puma males for lunch the puma males they had put to sleep  got to the family safe and sound when they woke up the ate the tarantulas they had been given. That night James attempted to tame an ocelot and he succeeded.

When Lisa woke up she realised that James was lost she used her supervision and then she saw that he was challenging the man for his wife she ran as fast as she could to watch she really wanted to help him, it wasn’t fair he only had an ocelot and the man had a gang. She got Oracle and then she decided to ride on his back for oracle had a gift from his mother shape shift he shape shifted into a full normal tiger. They ran through the jungle and then in mid running Lisa jumped off Oracles back and said “We wouldn't let you have all the fun would we.” she handed him a stone spear that she had made for hunting and she used her machete. That day James smith got the love of his life back and even a new pet. They celebrated by having the cacao beans made into this lovely drink made by Hueka. Everyone meted up they had a dance and chant around the fire and then ate some delicious (to them) capybara meet. In the end they parted their ways with their farewells and goodbyes and Lisa set back to her normal life... Or was it.

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