Friday, 28 October 2016

Into The Cave

Walt: Write a Narrative
Walt: Demonstrate Understanding of a Number of Strategies and Skills for Writing.

Image result for cave cave in“Dad can we please try climbing” said Elizabeth as they were trying to find a way to get out of the cave. “ I’m sorry Eliza but we cannot get out of this mess like that, It's too risky.” They had gone to the cave for a road trip and, the only reason why the mother did not come was because she had died of childbirth. “ Your mother would’ve loved this she was that type of woman.”

They had wandered around the cave for three hours and then they stopped for a brake. “Hey dad I think I found daylight.” said Elizabeth as soon as Andy heard that he leaped up and raced to his daughter. They did not find daylight but they did find a new world. A boy with a loincloth ran up the hill to see what he’d caught. When Elizabeth saw him she screamed and the boy ran away to hide. Andy started to approach cautiously to it and then realised it was a boy. “It's okay Eliza it's just some sort of jungle boy” he ran to his mushroom house and then started to slow he noticed that they looked like him he turned and waved to them telling them to come.

They then started to get along that night they had some wild food that was delicious. The next day or was it night  they went outside and then they saw a giant bee buzz past them, and even tiny tigers and elephants. A few days past and they saw how cool it was to live there. They decided to try on the clothes and they were way more comfortable than the clothes you would normally wear, suddenly an idea hit both of their minds what if they stayed here it would be crazy fun. So in a few days time they made themselves a tree house. Now they live in a huge world in a medium cave.


Task Description: For this Task I made a copy of the writing doc and then put it in my writing folder. I was timed and then ended up with this writing. I put it on my blog to a high standard with a Title, Walt, Task Description, and, Labels.

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