Thursday, 13 October 2016

Pes Olympics

Do you like sports? Well today we had the Pes Olympics. What is the Pes Olympics you ask. I will tell you. You know how we have the Olympics and it's a bit like that and way more fun. We don't have the swimming and the shot put or any of the Olympic sports. We have the Scatter ball, Soccer, Rob the nest, Tug o war, and lots of other fun activities.

So we got put into 7 countries Fiji, Brazil, Jamaica, Japan, Ireland,Canada, and South Africa. My team was Ireland A yr 5 - 8. There was A and B in each team and there was 2 junior teams ( yr 1 - 4 ) and 2 senior teams ( yr 5 - 8 ). My teacher who was running my country was Miss Berry. Our first game was football and we were against Ireland B yr 5 - 8 and we lost. Next we had Volleyball and won after that we went to scatter ball which was a bit like cricket or baseball except no bat. We won against jamaica.

After that we went to have morning tea. I had yogurt and then play under the Berry bushes for a while and then we got back to the olympics our next game was Tug o war against Japan. We won and then got to do handball which is a mix of netball basketball and soccer. We lost against Fiji. After that we had some Dodgeball and we lost to Brazil. We then had a ski race and I cannot remember the team we were against but we lost.

After that we had lunch and then went back to the hard court. We did the Olympic rings by putting plates over our heads and then we did the score and who won stuff. I think the Olympics for Pes was awesome.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time Bethan! I wonder if we will be able to see those photos soon, and you will be able to add them to this post! Keep up the blogging at home. So cool!