Thursday, 17 November 2016

My Motat Adventure

Walt: Write a Narrative

One sunny day 5 friends went to Motat with their teacher. Their names were Bethan, Deavay, Hinerangi, Joshua and Justice. The teacher they went with was Mr Goodwin. They went there on the bus from Pt England to Motat. But, what they didn’t know was that this was about to be the biggest adventure of their lives.

It all started when they got off the bus, “Can we got to the village first.” burst out Hinerangi, “What about the mirror maze.” Said Bethan, “But that’s gone.” Said Deavay “Oh” Replied Bethan “In that case let's go to the village.” “Ok the village it is.” Agreed Mr Goodwin. So they went to the village.

Image result for motatWhen they got to the first house something strange happened, Bethan disappeared and no one noticed. Then in the second Hinerangi, then Justice, then Deavay and last was Josh when the end of the day came the kidnappers revealed themselves and then the 5 children screamed Hinerangi even fainted but Justice caught her the only one of them thought this was familiar and it was Bethan “wait a second” Said Bethan “this is just like night at the museum. The exhibits are alive” then Justice fainted. “Splash some water on his face this happens a lot” said one of the exhibits. Then Deavay fainted Bethan and Josh found a pail of water and splashed it over their friends’ faces.

When they woke up  Bethan and Josh said “They don't want to kill us it is a-ok.” “They want to help us.” said Bethan “They will bless us with sacred fun.” added Josh “Yahoo” shouted Justice. Then the exhibit that made Deavay faint said “my name is Dave, Dave Jones, My mother and father are in the kitchen come on we have your type of food we always do.” so they followed that night and they were blessed with sacred fun. Deavay stuffed himself with homemade pavlova Josh won knuckle bones against Dave, and Hinerangi and Bethan won a cartwheel and handstand competition against two of Dave's sister Lisa and Roberta. Justice went to the whisper dishes with his new friend the next door neighbour of  Dave his name was Liam. Then they were called back to go to bed and then fell asleep immediately to tease them a little bit Luke who was the youngest and most prankster drew whiskers and noses on the girls and big eyelashes and lipstick on the boys and also wrote a note that said “we will take you home tomorrow (not a prank).”

In the morning they meant it but before they went they promised that they never ever would tell the adults that the prisms made the exhibits alive. “All you have to do is click your heels three times and the illusion with your parents will stop and you’ll really be at your  home safe and snug in bed." Said Lisa. So they clicked their heels it sounded like this Click, Click, Click. Then they all woke up in their beds safe and untouched.


Task Description: For this task I made a copy of a template and put it in my writing folder. I then did my plan and then did my writing. In the end I posted it on my blog with a complete high standard. Walt, Labels, Task Description and a Title.

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