Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Solids Liquids and Gasses.

Walt: Write a rap.

We spent the term learning about the changing states of matter. We found out loads throughout the term and learnt lots of new vocab. I decided to share my learning by writing and performing a rap! I wrote a list of all the new and related words that I had learned about the changing states of matter. I started putting words together that rhymed and ended up with this. 
I used a voice recorder from my chromebook, and found a free to use sound file from youtube. I put them together to make my rap.

This is a rap about solids liquids and gasses its name is Solids Liquids and Gasses. The sound track that I used for it is not me actually playing the piano. Here is a link to it you may use it on any of your raps. This sound track is for my animation. 

Task Description: For this task I had to gather specific information about the three main states of matter. When I found this specific information using the links on the class site I made a doc in my writing folder and then wrote myself a rap. I looked at some rap instrumental and then when I found myself the perfect beat I used voice recorder. I put it in google drive. I then posted it on my blog With A Title, Walt, Task Description and Labels

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