Tuesday, 17 January 2017

My Favourite Television Show

My favourite television show is Kickin it. It is about these teenage Karate kids that face some pretty weird problems. It is quite funny.


  1. Hi Bethan! I think I've seen this! My sister (who is 15 now) used to watch it a lot when she was younger. It is quite funny isn't it!

    What other shows do you like?


    1. Hi Mark

      Kickin' it is quite funny. another show I like is a Netflix original called Trollhunters it is about a teenage boy called Jim Lake and he has this magical amulet that gives him these special weapons and a magic suit of armour and he has to fight trolls goblins and this creature who has his soul in a ring.

    2. Hey Bethan!

      I've seen that advertised on Netflix. I didn't know if it was worth a watch, but now you've described it maybe I'll give it a go. Might be good to watch something my students watch. Could use it in the classroom.

      What do you think? Good decoration idea?