Tuesday, 16 August 2016

My book Review Slash Opinion

Hello Fellow Classmates

I have come from far far away to tell you that I have read my book and I think it was awesome in every way. Adventure Fear Trickery Villainy and all the other stuff you have to read this book it is amasing. It is about this Dragon called firedrake a Brownie called Sorrel and a boy Called Ben that needs to find the Rim Of Heaven. “On their quest they meet new friends and find an amasing courage. Good thing they did because there is an ancient grudge that's never too far behind.” That is my book review for the book I read, Dragon Rider. By Cornelia Funke

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  1. You are a very good reader Bethan! Uncle Toa was too, he use to read and read just like you and I think he also spelt words like 'amazing' that way... however in a spelling test you may lose points for that! :) Good girl sweetie. xx