Thursday, 25 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey: Day 3: Activity 1

It wouldn't really be hard to describe how I feel about having  big family because I already have a huge family. I would mostly feel like I have plenty of people to play with and talk to when i'm bored.  But it would probably be hard getting some alone time to read a book (if my family was all living together).

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  1. Kia Ora Bethan,

    It is great to see that you are posting activities for the Summer Learning Journey this year. I always love to read your posts - they are so entertaining!!

    I particularly like the photos that you have taken of your family where you are making funny faces at the camera. Aronui and I love to do that, too!

    Speaking of family, I hope that everyone in your family is settling back into the normal school routine. Aronui started back at school on Tuesday and he loves his new teacher. Who is/are your teacher(s) this year?

    I will look forward to seeing you and your teachers when I come into Pt England school this term to hand out the certificates and prizes for the Summer Learning Journey programme.

    See you soon~

    Rachel :)