Monday, 22 January 2018

Summer learning journey: Day two: Bonus blog post

Since I love all food i can't choose just one so here are my to three favourite meals

1. Lasagne. This dish is at the top of the list because I love the way the melted cheese comes off the pasta and the way the mince is perfectly cooked with the peas and carrot. I cannot get enough of the way the top layer of pasta is so crunchy.

2. Pizza. Who doesn't love pizza? This dish is delicious and super fun and easy to make My fathers pizza's are my favourite dish to make and they have such good combinations. Theres not much more to say now.

3. Butter Chicken. My favourite Indian dish would have to be creamy butter chicken. I love the orange colour it gives off and the way it just inflames my taste buds with an explosion of flavour. I love the way the the chicken is perfectly cooked.

The main reason I love these three dishes more than anything is because I have never ever ever had a bad lasagne pizza or butter chicken.

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  1. Hey Bethan, I like how you've shared three different types of food when you only had to share one! These are three of my favourites too. They're delicious for lots of different reasons. I like to have a bit of naan bread with my butter chicken, preferably garlic. Once I had a chocolate naan for dessert, it was outstanding.

    You're right, the best thing about pizza is that you never sick of it because you can change the toppings. Personally, I like capsicum, tomato, blue cheese, spicy salami, chicken, bacon etc.

    Lasagna is best when the edges are crunchy. It's never the same when you re heat it in the microwave because it goes all soggy. Best to eat it straight out of the oven, you just have to be careful you don't burn yourself!

    What are your favourite sweet foods?

    Thanks for sharing, great post!