Monday, 10 September 2018

Remake of Rumplestiltskin

Walt: use descriptive vocab to paint a picture in your readers mind

Once upon a time there was a miller and he had a beautiful daughter. One day the miller went to the king and boasted about how her daughter was amazing.

“She is the best girl in the land sire.” said the Miller “No one is fairer the her she has fair golden hair and glistening green eyes and uhh … she can do amazing things like weave gold from straw.”

That caught the kings attention. He ordered the miller to bring his daughter to the castle. He took the beautiful miller's daughter to the hay storage room.

“Make this straw into gold.” Said the King, and with that he slammed the door, locked it tight and walked to his buffet. The Miller's daughter wept and wept for she could only make straw into silver. Suddenly a little man came in.

 “Do not worry” said the little man “I will spin this straw into gold for you. But what will you give me in return.”

“I will give you the ring from my finger” said the miller's daughter and she slid off the ring and gave it to the little man. By the time that the little man finished making the straw into gold. The little man disappeared from sight. The king came in and was impressed. He took her to a bigger room with even more straw

“Weave this straw into gold.” He said. “Have it done by the morning.

“But sire” said the miller’s daughter “all that weaving has weakened me. I can only weave silver now”

“Very well” said the king. “Weave the straw into silver.” He shut the door locked it tight and went to his brothers wedding. The miller’s daughter weaved the silver and never needed the little man again, and many years later she married the king and they had a beautiful baby boy and lived happily till the end of their lives

Task Description: For this task I made a new doc and selected a fairy tale. I then recreated the fairy tale
 in the google doc. i then posted it onto my blog with a huge standard.

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