Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Lisa and the quest to learn her powers.

Splish splash splosh as a basket floats in the river of the jungle. A hollow tree was bathing in the river, the basket floated past him. He heard a cry from it. He looked where it was heading, the falls! he swam and he swam and finally got it. He opened the lid and saw something spectacular. A baby, she was an orphan. He felt like his wife was still there,he named her Lisa. As she grew she was with her best friend john racing each other across the floor of the the jungle and the treetops, carving trees with rocks and hunting animals for food.

Lisa grew to be a young woman. She was very skilled and strong woman, John grew up with her and was sort of like a brother to her. That was also the year when she got her hidden powers. She could communicate with animals and even absorb things. She hadn’t learnt how to use them  and sometimes they would just flow out of her and do bad things like turn a puma green and brown. Every night she would get John and ask him to be a look out and see if the sky would get dark and make the signal.

When it got dark she would go to her home and ask HollowWood to tell a story she told him about her power to. “Once” he said “I was a teacher of magical properties and martial arts i was a human then”. “No” said lisa “How come you never told me”. “I thought you'd leave me if i told you”. She smiled, and said she would never leave him even if he lied or kept secrets from her. He asked her to go to bed and then they would start training in the morning.Training was the hardest of all. First they did meditating and then they had to stretch, then she had to face a tiger by herself three times. The hardest part was when she started to use her powers and and absorb the power of a tiger and talk to a capipada. Then she had finished her training in one whole day and completed it HollowWood said it was normal and then they continued their normal life and lived happily ever after.

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  1. Hi Bethan (it's Mum) I love this story I want to know more about the Hollow tree and John and Lisa - very cool!