Friday, 4 March 2016

Munk's toilet break.

Walt: Write storys with a complete orientation, problem and resolution

Once there as a kung fu monkey named munk. He lived in Tokyo. He had a funny smile and big hats, he liked to swing from tree to tree. And he always wore some sparkly loose pants

One day he went to protect the Lizard Queen in the tiny Lizards flying castle. But while he was fighting, he was busting to go to the toilet. He held on a little more, but he could not hold any longer. Unfortunately there was only a tiny lizard girl’s toilet.

He looked for a tree to swing from but there was only a beanstalk, so he slid until he reached the bottom and he ran and ran. He needed to cross the road to get to his house. So he waited a few moments then crossed. Then he turned a few more streets, until he reached his street. He ran and he ran, and he ran, and finally he reached his house.

Then he calmed down a bit. He started to hum a tune while he was walking,but he started to speed up because he was busting for the bathroom. Then he passed the living room. “Just a few more steps to the bathroom” he said to himself, then he sped up a bit more. Then he reached the bathroom and he finally sat down and had the longest bathroom break ever.

Task Description: We Watched a few short story videos and then started writing

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