Friday, 18 March 2016

Little red riding fly.

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Once upon a time there was a Fly Who always wore a scarlet red dress.She lived in swamp toadstool, famous for its toadstools. Fliter (Her real name) was playing with her fly mates when her mother called her. “Darling” she said, “can you give your Beautiful wise Gran the leftover Banana cake crumbs. a chocolate chip, some of the cider drops, and the daily fly newspaper.” Flitter did what she was told and went to deliver the goods.
When she was in the deep dark swamp she saw some flowers and stopped to pick them for her Grandma. She did not see the big bad frog spying in the thick green strawberry bushes. He jumped all the way to the swamp for retired flies and frogs he went in Gran's house and put her in the closet and dressed up as her. Meanwhile Flitter finished picking the flowers and carried on her long journey. When she arrived it was as usual the maids were cleaning and it was all cool and nice they greeted her and said that she will make a lovely young lady.

When she got to her grandmas house, she knocked on the door three times. “Come in my dear”, said the big bad frog. She opened the door and went to the room upstairs and said "Gran why are you so slimy." The big bad frog replied. "I got swallowed by a frog last night." and Flitter said "what big mouth you have." The big bad frog replied with a growl. "All the better to eat you with." He started to jump then his Gran came grabbed him by the Tongue and told his parents.

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