Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Castaway Writting

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Walt: write from the first person

My eyes flew open. I see blue skies and clear water. I start crying screaming and being a ninny if you don't know what that is search it up. I’m still in the ocean so i decide to look around and i see an island all these feelings pop into my head i saved civilisation and i get out of my raft, tie it around my leg and then swim. Luckily there is a friendly dolphin but my raft pops i’m on the island. “HELP” I cry “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP” i cry again then i look around. no civilisation “oh what’s next then” i say “ giant lizards, tsunamis”

I walk around then find some logs sticks and fronds i think out loud to myself: “well the sun's getting real low so i have to build a shelter.” I gather up all the materials i need so i can build a shelter. I start to wander and find this clearing in the woods. I start to lay my things out. I find these stumps just lying there must have been dead trees. I build a shelter.

I am so hungry i haven’t eaten for days i could eat a whole island. I look around the beach and find these oysters. I lick my lips. Grab a sharp stick and SNAP! “The stick broke! Those must be strong oysters” I said i start to look around and find a rock, it looks like the head of a spear “PERFECT!” I cry out. I grab the rock and wedge it into the bottom part of the oyster. It's a bit hard at first but the oyster starts to loose it's grip. It's off the rock i decide to eat it then look at the ocean it's full of tropical fish. My stomach grumbles. I gather some flax and shells and go to my rock anvil i start to rub the shell on the rock it starts to turn into powder i shape it into the shape of a hook. I tie it to the flax rope i made by plaiting it. I put the oyster on the hook and fish. I got it!

I think it's time to make a signal. I gather some materials. Including :coconut shavings, a rock, a piece of wood, and a stick. I make a little tinder nest and put a notch in the wood i put bark in under the notch and then rub with the stick and “FIRE!” i cry happily “now i can be rescued”

After making lots of smoke by putting in a lot fronds on it. I here a helicopter coming and it is loud! I don't think i have seen or heard a helicopter in years. I start putting more fronds on the fire and then start to make smoke signals and the helicopter lowers down a rope. I climb on and they pull it up.

Task Description: For this task i made a copy of a writing template from the class site. The class did the paragraphs bit by bit together timed. I had to make a picture in hyperstudio and emailed it to myself. I posted it on my blog with, a Walt, a Task Description, a Title, and Labels.

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