Friday, 2 June 2017

Me Being A Food Critic

Walt: express our personal opinions

Salted caramel chocolate sensation

The product is salted caramel, and i think it was delicious.

The product was very good. There were salty caramel chunks in the chocolate. The chocolate was very melty and very nice, it smelt a bit like dirt and I like that.

I really liked the cadbury chocolate product salted caramel. It is part of the cadbury range. It's three dollars ninety nine and very good so i recommend it. It smelt like the earthy smell of trees and dirt and i really love that earthy smell. I also think that it is really good and  the price is o for awesome.

I think that the cadbury salted caramel was very good. The only problem I had with it was the salted taste because it had a bit too much salt. But other than that I loved the earthy smell and the texture and taste of the chocolate.

I think that the product was very good and nice and delicious. I think that you should have it and it is very nice. Mr Goodwin should buy it for his Friend  Stacy.

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