Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey Day 1: Activity 3: Bonus Blog

Walt: Create your own New Zealand Flag

Task Description: For this task I made a google draw. I decided to add PNGs of a silver fern and Kiwis. My idea for a flag was to keep the original flags colours but give it my own originality I think that i have chosen a really good flag. I then took a screen shot it and put it on my blog with a Task Description a Walt, Labels and a Title. By the way the image attribution for the ferns and the kiwi are below.

1 comment:

  1. What a cool flag you have created Bethan! I really like the colours that you have chosen and the addition of the kiwi bird and the ferns. They are such iconic 'kiwi' symbols. I really appreciate that you also included the attributions for the images that you borrowed from other sources. This is so important as we need to ensure that the original author is given credit for their work.

    I hope that we are able to adjust our national flag one day to incorporate elements of 'kiwi life' including ferns and/or the kiwi bird. I think that it would make our flag much more personalised and representative of our specific country.

    Keep up the great work, Bethan! I can't wait to read what you write next.