Sunday, 9 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey:Day 3: Activity 1

I am gonna adopt a Kea

Kea are some of the most intelligent animals in New Zealand

The Kea are a type of parrot and they live in the southern alps

The Kea is an omnivore so it eats berries, leaves, nuts and nectar as well as carrion

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  1. Hi Bethan,

    I think that you have made a great choice. The kea is quite a special bird. It is not only very intelligent but it is also very cheeky! Kea birds are renowned for approaching humans and pecking at anything that is bright or shiny. I can remember hearing a story about a kea bird that walked right up to someone's car and started pecking at their windscreen!

    It is sad to read that kea birds are now on the 'endangered animal' list. We really do need to do what we can to protect and conserve these special animals. There are a number of organisations that are currently working to protect the Kea including the Department of Conservation (DOC) and the Kea Conservation Trust. I'm sure that they would both be so excited to read that you want to adopt a kea!