Thursday, 27 July 2017

Search For a New Planet

It has been 2000 Earth years making it 4017. Me and my co pilot Lyra Silvertongue have searched all over the Galaxy for a new planet because….. Earth is dying, and we are the earth’s only hope a girl who can read the truth and a girl who is smart.

“Lyra” I said “Can you ask the Alethiometer whether the air on that Planet is Good for us.” “No Bethan” Replied Lyra “But that one over there Is good.” We landed On the Planet. “Lyra Can you please ask the Alethiometer if the inhabitants of this planet are nice” she checked “It depends” she said “what Inhabitants are you talking about” and then a creature with a Human like structure purple skin blue Hair a tail and fangs came out of nowhere “Run!” She said “Run. My people are not friendly to outsiders and they can sense when you are here Run”

We ran and we ran and we ran and we saw them they were vicious and scary, It made us run faster. Once we we're sure we had gotten away from them we sat down to rest and i realised the liquid we were sitting in was water. “Lyra” I said “Can you tell me whether this water is good to drink.” she replied with a nod. I took handfuls and she read the Alethiometer and she took the fruit from the tree above and ate the inside of it i did the same. Then we started to take action we started to find timber and started to build a house in the morning they would make piece.

I woke up the next day to find the same alien who told us to run look right on top of me. I screamed and woke Lyra up who also screamed and her daemon Pantalaimon also started to scream. “Don’t worry i am a friend” she said “my name Is Suna. I am here to help and i can negotiate with my tribe I even made a peace treaty for you and i bet when i say my speech in their language then they will accept.”

We went to the tribe and i held the Peace treaty and they smiled and signed the treaty. Suna was surprised then the chief said “all we want is the peace of new people but they try kill us” his English was limited so Lyra and I sank to our knees. "So this is why they aren't friendly the other people that came here weren't friendly" Said Suna "well i am Happy we made a peace treaty." Not soon after we contacted NASA more people came and we made cities out of the trees and things like that the humans were determined to keep this planet better then earth we named it Figilisilis (Fi-ga-lis-a-lis).

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