Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Attitude Puberty Talk Recount

Today Tony from attitude decided to talk to us about puberty. He told us that we physically and mentally change while we go through this. He started with a talk for both of the genders and then broke down to different parts.

First he talked about how our bodies physically change. He told us that we grow hair everywhere, we get pimples everywhere and we sweat …….... Everywhere. He told us to always have a plan. One thing he told me that I thought was interesting was that if your skin is dehydrated then your skin has no dots when they do the test.

Then he went into the mental changes like when you are going through puberty you seem to be more embarrassed by things. Like when your mum and dad do “embarrassing things” we are all like “Ugh mum dad please just stop”. We also notice that relationships change as we go through puberty we seem to notice the other gender. But he said we should just keep hold of our friendships.

Overall what “wonderful experience” it was.

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