Thursday, 18 October 2018

How to Prepare for the Cross Country

Walt: Use cause and effect language in our writing

In our school we have the cross country, and it is for all of the year groups. When we prepare for it we do a lot of running. But a big problem is we only prepare for the physical side of it, and that’s only running, we need to prepare for mental and physical challenges. When we run a short distance it is good for our mental and physical health because it is giving us boosts in our Mental and physical well being. But when we do a long distance we are scared for our physical side and that affects our mental well being. In this piece of writing I will give you tips on how to prepare yourself for the cross country.

To improve our mental health we can say to ourselves “I can do this” and “This will be great” you fake it till you make it and then it gets carried to your heart. When you’re running and you feel bad you can say encouraging  things like “I will do this” and that seems to be really helpful. Professional athletes often have trouble with this but now is a good time for you to start.

That was mentally preparing what about physically preparing? Well good question. At school we do running but at home you can prepare well too. You can have a healthy balanced diet and get plenty of rest at home you will have lots of energy and it will be burned of. As well as some of your body fat. That gets burned when you do exercise and turns into energy.

When the race starts you can go at a nice easy jog. Because then you wouldn’t have burned up all your energy and won’t have trouble running the whole way. You can also pace yourself. Go nice and easy the entire way because then you won't have to stop or walk some parts.

Those are my tips for preparing for the cross country. I hope that they are useful to you. Who knows? You might even come first next time.

Task Description: For this task i made a new dock filed it and turned it in. I wrote in my Work using the structure T.I.I.C (Title,Introduction,Information,Conclusion). I then posted it onto my blog to a high standard.

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