Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Small foot review

Image result for small footOn the first day of the holidays my brother's, Kauri and Toran, went to the cinemas to go watch  the new movie Small foot.

Warning!!! Major Spoilers Below.

It is a great movie set in the mountain range in the Himalayas where yetis build up there society around myths and legends. in this mountain where a young yeti spots a human he wants to prove himself right because everyone thinks he's lying he goes on a huge adventure.

Meanwhile a human animal lover is trying to get noticed on the internet and has an idea to be a youtube fraud and has the idea to get a "real life" yeti on camera. Migo finds him and takes him back to the village.

Okay I've said enough. All in all it was a really good movie and i recommend watching it. If you don't like musicals I warn you it has musical numbers in it. That's all for now I will see you later BYYYEEEEEEEEEEEE

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