Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Run

Walt: Write a recount about your experience.

Do you like running? Well I don't so imagine how it would have been like sprinting, today I had to put my sprinting to the test. Today we had a Race.

I was surprised when Mr Goodwin told us we had to line up. Everyone was lined up except for me and then Mr Goodwin told me to hurry up I was a bit embarrassed. I had to hurry up and then Terry came out of the corner. I thought “Thank God I thought I was the only one.”

When we walked to the field I was wondering “why are we at the field.” Then When we were lining up I thought  “Oh No it's a Run.” I just wanted to do some free writing that was all I wanted to do. Mr Goodwin told us the instructions and then we got ready to run.

Mr Goodwin surprised me by saying “Go” and not doing a countdown. I was doing Ok and then I started laughing I was actually having a good time that was just really weird for me. I looked around and everyone was laughing I was like what is going on I felt very odd.When we got to the finish I sat on my buns and then I fell onto my back I didn’t care if I got a wet backside, in fact I liked it. When we all finished Mr Goodwin put us all in to groups one and two and then  he took us to have a drink I had a quick drink and it was delicious. I then lined up behind Jaedah.

I hope that we can do that run/race Occasionally. Can you believe it, we all had a good time. I liked that run a lot it was really fun. I hope that the run we did turns into the normal run.

Task Description: For this task I had a fun Experience and then I made a new doc in my writing folder. I did my introduction, body paragraphs, and my Conclusion. I published it on my blog with a complete high standard with a Title, Walt , Task Description and Labels.

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