Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The Tale of Alexandra Falcon Mcalpine

There was once a girl named Alexandra Falcon Mcalpine she was the daughter of Sarah Falcon Mcalpine and Jones Henry Mcalpine the 7th. She had beautiful raven black hair and indigo blue eyes, she was beautifully tanned, and her voice was as sweet as an angel's. Her soul as gentle as the touch of a mother to a new born baby. She had a pet horse named Palma. She loved her so much and made sure nobody ever tried to take her. She was from a very rich and noble family because they were the owners of the town. They had always helped the poor and given the town they lived in happiness but let us start at the very beginning of the tale of Alexandra Falcon Mcalpine.
It was November the 13 in 1916 and her family were getting ready for the day, everyone except  Alexandra that is. She was 13 and she often slept in but today was the day she had to make a speech to the people of the town and she had forgotten it completely. She had to spend the whole morning practising her speech, she was giving the orphanage of the town of Mcalpine $50,000 to have a new built in hospital. She was a very simple girl by the family tradition, but the thing about Alexandra was that she was exactly the same as her  great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother,the founder of the town, and she wanted adventure. Alexandra got so bored so easily (that’s why she wanted a horse). Anyway back to the story. She was practising in her pyjamas when her personal maid came in to give her breakfast assuming she would be just stirring as usual. “Oh my” said her Maid when she came in. “You haven’t forgotten your speech Lady Alexandra have you?” “No Margaretta” she replied “I haven’t, I’m just warming up my tongue and going over it again and again.” she said “Nice try, Lady Alexandra, oh and by the way have you also forgotten that you promised you mother you would be having breakfast with everyone today? There’s still time. I am just bringing your tea. They’re almost starting, now get dressed My Lady” said Margaretta.

They were getting a painting of the owner of the orphanage, Mr Johnson, with Sarah and Alexandra. Alexandra’s father was in the war so Alexandra's mother had to donate the money because the father was away. On the day when she had to make her speech she got halfway through and the she accidentally said “Palma” in the middle of it, so her mother, Sarah, had to take the big piece of paper that said the rest of the speech to the occasion for her to read off. When Alexandra had finished her mother gave her a hug and was  full of tears of pride “I am so proud of you” Sarah said “ But why-”
“Mother, Palma’s been stolen!” said Alexandra not listening to her mother
“What do you mean Palma’s been stolen?”
“No time to explain hurry up, we have to go” and she ran of to the hill where their carriage was waiting. They rushed off to the mansion and Margaretta ran to them with wrecked clothes, tear stains and scratches on her face.
“Lady Sarah, Lady Alexandra, Palma’s gone. I tried to stop them, I tried, oh please don’t punish me, please Lady Sarah!”
“Why do you think we would punish you Margaretta? We do not treat our employees like this, remember?” Then Alexandra started weeping. “ I should have known they were going to do it all along, I wish father was here.”

“Now, let me get this straight, you're saying that this man and his son who had tried to get your pony off you stole Palma? AND you’re saying they took them to Liverpool!”
“Yes” cried Margaretta and Alexandra in unison.
Alexandra had encountered many horse collectors and Margaretta had encountered many people from Liverpool but they just thought nothing about them would turn out to be evil about these men.
“Well” said Alexandra “I guess we’re going to Liverpool.”
They got to the carriage realised that they needed the map so Margaretta was sent to get a map. They then went to the city of Liverpool and found Palma they followed the 2 mysterious men and followed them then they saw them go into an abandoned poppy factory.
“Ok” said Sarah “We have to go get the police before we enter the.” They went to the nearest police station and then they swooped in. “You two are under arrest!” said the officer to the Palmanappers.
“Thank you ma’am for taking us to these we’ve been looking for these two pickpockets and theives for 6 months,  thank you so much.”
From that day on Alexandra always put Palma in her stable when she was going to town.
And that is the Tale of Alexandra Falcon Mcalpine


  1. What an imaginative story Bethan. I love that you have written this as a period piece, where did you get the idea for this? Did you do some research?

    1. Hi Mr Goodwin thank you for your comment I didn't really think of it it just popped up as i was writing a story.