Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Newspaper Towers

WALT: write a recount about our experience.

Have you ever built a tower of newspapers before? Well I have it is absolutely hard, but i guess it was with a group and there was a timer I think it would have been easier alone and without a timer. You should really give it a go one day.

When our teacher Mr Goodwin told us about the newspaper tower challenge. I thought it would be stacking all of the newspapers, and finding out which one was the highest. It wasn’t. Instead we had to make a plan once we got in our groups. For one part I wasn’t really listening, because I had too many ideas in my head. I faced Hinerangi who was beside me and then I mouthed “me and you”, and she did the eyebrows at me. We moved a little closer so we wouldn’t forget.

Next we worked out our plan. I was thinking a platform at the bottom, and then scrunched up paper at the top. Soon we started the building. Our plan failed. I thought that it would be as easy as baking a cake, apparently not. I was confident with my plan but I soon learned that you had to adapt is as you go.

My team was Hinerangi, Me, Nasibah, Ana, and Maria we were still feeling pretty confident. Our tower however was not going so swell, we then changed the plan and made some poles. We used the newspaper to hold it up. We never recovered though, and we lost.

After that I learned you had to adapt your plan and start over and over again. When we finished we had to put away the tape and scissors. Guess what we did what we did with the newspaper tower, yup we threw it in the bin!

Task Description: For this task i made some towers out of news paper and then I made a copy of the template and put it in my writing folder. I then wrote the paragraphs separately and then posted it all together. I put it on my blog with a WALT, Task Description Labels, and a Title.

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  1. Kia Ora Bethan It's me Hinerangi. I really enjoyed reading your amazing writing about Newspaper Towers. I really like to comment more on your blog especially on this one. It was awesome reading your blog as well as others. Your writing was so amazing because you added Punctuation and honest things. I wish to comment more. Your friend Hinerangi.